Enhancing your training skills can be achieved through a unique approach – engaging with diverse animal subjects. The inception of chicken camp dates back to the 1990s, attributed to the pioneering efforts of Bob Bailey and Marian Breland-Bailey. The core concept involves shedding the emotional complexities often tied to canine instruction. Instead, the focus is directed towards mastering the nuances of timing, precise benchmarks, and the optimal frequency of rewards. Chickens, with their rapid responsiveness and susceptibility to discouragement from insufficient reinforcement, serve as an exceptional training medium. Undoubtedly, this undertaking is a humbling journey. However, the aftermath of successfully training a chicken translates to a remarkable evolution in one’s prowess as a canine trainer.

While the general perception of chickens tends to undermine their intelligence, a remarkable facet of their capabilities lies in their adeptness at discerning colors and shapes. By utilizing a clicker, it’s feasible to instill basic discrimination behaviors within chickens, even extending to the realm of “Agility” challenges tailored to their nature.



Kathy is extremely knowledgeable, and her calm and confident manner allowed her to easily build a relationship with our greyhound. She took wonderful care of our (dog), who absolutely loved running in the five-acre fenced area! (Our dog) can't wait to go back.
MP, December 2017
Kathy has a warm personality and upon meeting her you'll feel comfortable with how capable and natural she is with animals! She has terrific insight into animal behavior which is an added bonus to the stay. Her home is set up that your pet has separate space to themselves yet can see the activity of everyone else, too.
JB, August 2017