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Kathy Walker-Graves

I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a dog as a companion. I begged my parents for a dog when I was 8 years old. They relented and I had my first dog, a beagle mix puppy named Polly. I’ve been in love with dogs ever since. I’ve been fortunate to have adopted 12 shelter dogs over my 60 years. Each dog was a unique individual with their own challenges. They have been my teachers and I will be eternally grateful for all their lessons.
Constant Companion is a lifetime dream come to fruition.
Shortly after college, I adopted a golden retriever mixed breed puppy named Grizz. We trained for Search and Rescue and at the time, were attached to a county search and rescue team. My husband and I fostered shelter dogs for many years. We fostered approximately 100 shelter dogs and were able to assist placing them into permanent homes.

Behavior Modification and Desensitization

Behavior modification involves either teaching an alternate incompatible behavior to replace the unwanted behavior or altering the emotional state from one that is negative to one that is positive or neutral (ie, desensitization and counterconditioning [DSCC]). This is usually a multi-model approach including environmental management, behavior modification, and medical therapy. Initial behavior modification techniques are focused on additional management strategies. Further behavior modification is delayed until the dog’s anxiety is low enough to remain under threshold (ie, the level at which emotional arousal is too high and a negative reaction occurs).

Desensitization & Counterconditioning For a Trigger

To address the fear of a stimulus, the distance at which no negative reaction needs to be determined. The stimulus is then presented at that distance, while the dog is fed her a high-value reward, and when the stimulus is removed the feeding stops. Once a positive emotional response to the presence of the stimulus is developed, criteria were increased slowly, including decreasing the distance to the stimulus or having the stimulus make noise or move. The dog must be kept under threshold for reaction, and a a positive emotional response needs to be in place before moving to next steps.

Constant Companion, LLC is a PA Licensed Kennel.

Dog Training Credentials:

An intensive, internationally-acclaimed 6-day academy on basic dog behavior and training. Graduates come away with a thorough understanding of the basics of how dogs think and learn and improved training skills through hands on experience training a shelter dog.

This 6-day intensive learning opportunity is designed as an individualized, quality program. Attendees work in teams with behavior cases throughout the week. Graduates develop a deeper understanding of the science of behavior, working with problem behaviors, professional practices/client relationships, improve consulting skills, address behavior modification protocols, and explore pharmaceuticals.

An intensive, internationally-acclaimed 6-day academy on canine aggression. Aggressive behavior is discussed; attendees observe certified behavior consultant Pat Miller conduct a real time aggression consult and work in teams with aggression cases throughout the week.

Graduates develop a deeper understanding of canine aggression, improved aggression consulting skills, and aggression behavior modification protocols.

This training method incorporate a strong commitment to positive reinforcement and reward in place of old-fashioned coercion and use of force.

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How I Care ...

I love senior dogs, they are special! They have a lifetime of experience and wisdom in their eyes. I have 20 years experience caring for senior dogs with the following medical/behavioral issues: fear, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, diabetes, vestibular disease, osteoarthritis, seizure disorder, osteosarcoma, lymphoma, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Addison’s disease, connective tissue cancer, oral cancer and malignant tumors of the heart.

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Absolutely fantastic experience for our 9-month old Labradoodle while in Kathy's care. Kathy provided not just boarding but activities and training that gave us a better dog by the end of (our dog's) stay. She even taught our pup to swim! When we went to pick her up, Kathy took time to offer training suggestions, which have been extremely helpful. We will definitely leave our girl with Kathy again.
JM October 2017